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First, a stool is made of solid local wood.
Then each sheep gets a hand-carved face and the "Buam" gets noble horns made of larch wood. Carefully tanned domestic skins or premium skins from Iceland are then stretched precisely over the stool.

A small hand-forged bell completes the Sruh Sheeps.

All can be loaded up to approx. 130kg.

Only our ibexes are not ideal as stools because of their horns.

Seat height approx. 50-55cm (small stools 40-45cm and bar stools 80cm)
Width about 45-50cm and length about 60-75cm

Since each sheep is unique, size, design and color are always slightly different.

The colored ones are also made of real fur - these are individualized with natural colors.


Even if there are always a few sheep in the stable - we have grown fond of each one and are reluctant to leave the local stable. Of course, if you have a nice spot, this is easier for us. 



a handmade unique piece

with premium sheepskins

  • Which "Sheep" is right for me?"
    Of course, that's a matter of taste.... To make the choice a little easier - here are a few additional tips: - Looking for the most comfortable stool? - You have the best seat with our “Madln” - "Rocky" - the ibex - an eye-catcher! and due to the elaborate carving only available in small numbers - thus rightly the "King of the Alps" - The coat should be noble and unique?Our ibexes and moufflons are the right choice here! - Our "Madln" and "Boam" are also available in small sizes! With a seat height of approx. 40cm, these are particularly suitable as a footrest - and the kids love them too! - Rocking Sheep - Not just to look at - can and should be used as a swing. The ideal natural children's gift.
  • How do I clean and care for my Sheep?
    Sheepskins are very robust by nature and don't give up easily. If something goes wrong, it can usually be removed with a damp microfiber cloth. Cleaning agents (surfactants) should never be used.TIP: The strong "blow off" with compressed air makes the fur fluffy again and effortlessly removes dust that has stuck to it. Even direct UV radiation does not fade real fur. The colored ones are made from real fur and dyed with colourfast ecological colors; Depending on the color, these can change color after prolonged UV exposure.
  • How long does shipping take?
    As a rule, the sheep leave their stable after receipt of payment and will be at your home within Austria within 1-2 working days. You can expect delivery to neighboring EU countries in 5-7 working days.
  • How are the Sruh Sheeps made?
    Of course, in elaborate & loving handwork. A solid high chair is made from local solid wood, which can easily be loaded up to approx. 110kg. The seat is upholstered and then covered with carefully tanned hides. A hand-carved head and, depending on the model, horns made of larch wood then give the striking appearance.
  • Can I sit on the Sheeps?
    Yes! All can be loaded up to approx. 110kg. Only our ibexes are not ideal as stools because of their horns. Seat height approx. 50-55cm (small stools 40-45cm and bar stools 80cm), width approx. 45-50cm and length approx. 60-75cm
  • Can you also watch the sheep live and choose them personally?
    The Schäfchenstall is located in Tyrol in the beautiful Zillertal at 1300m. We always have a nice selection of sheep in stock.Only a part is shown online. You are welcome to visit us on site at the Hotel Schönruh in Gerlos. We kindly ask you to inform us about your arrival beforehand. You can find our contact details HERE
  • How are the prices structured?
    In short - depending on the skin and the manufacturing effort! The skins of our seeps are all something special! Longhair skins from Iceland, curly skins from racka sheep, or our multicolored premium skins, which are used specifically on moufflons or ibexes, are "unique" in their coloring and difficult to obtain. The painstakingly hand-carved larch wood horns contribute the rest to the completion of a masterpiece.
  • Can also buy a wish sheep.
    Yes it works - it just takes a little time.... Since each fur is unique in length and color, deviations are also possible here. As a rule, the more specific the desired color of the skin, the longer it takes for us to find and produce it. This can sometimes take 4-6 weeks.Please inquire :-)
  • Wow the poor sheep.....
    A little information for our animal lovers.... WE are also among them" and of course we care about a sustainable and environmentally friendly product. Our skins come only from meat production and - as bad it sounds for us - are actually waste for the butcher. Our EU tanneries are the artists who then give the skins a new life. According to strict guidelines, a natural tanning process is ensured here so that no harmful substances are released into waste water and the environment. All in all a "sensible" dignified cycle
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