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First, a stool is made of solid local wood.
Then each sheep gets a hand-carved face and the "Buam" gets noble horns made of larch wood. Carefully tanned domestic skins or premium skins from Iceland are then stretched precisely over the stool.

A small hand-forged bell completes the Sruh Sheeps.

All can be loaded up to approx. 110kg.

Only our ibexes are not ideal as stools because of their horns.

Seat height approx. 50-55cm (small stools 40-45cm and bar stools 80cm)
Width about 45-50cm and length about 60-75cm

Since each sheep is unique, size, design and color are always slightly different.

The colored ones are also made of real fur - these are individualized with natural colors.


Even if there are always a few sheep in the stable - we have grown fond of each one and are reluctant to leave the local stable. Of course, if you have a nice spot, this is easier for us. 

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